Jim Sizemore - President
Jim Sizemore was hired as a PTF LSM clerk in April 1994. His clerk experience includes, but is not limited to, the LSMs, Manual cases, Priority Mail, Automation, and Expeditor. Jim switched over to the Maintenance craft in October 1996. Jim's vast Maintenance experience includes, but is not limited to, Building Services, Field Maintenance Mechanic, and is currently a Building Equipment Mechanic. He has been an APWU Steward since 2000, and served three terms as Assistance Maintenance Craft Director. Jim has vast experience as a treasure in other organiztions and has also served as an Associate Office Representative for the Clerk craft.

Walt Luthy - Executive Vice President
Walt Luthy has served as Assistant Clerk Craft Director/OWCP and Assoc. Office Rep and is a graduate of Elder high school(1989), and has worked at the Post Office since 1994. Walt graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1993 with dual degrees in finance and real estate. Walt's experience in the Post Office include, but not limited to, the flat sorters, and DBCS's. He has been a APWU union steward since 2002, and is currently serving as Secretary, and has served as Assistant Clerk Craft Director.. Walt is one of the resident experts on OWCP, and represents clerks in the Associate Offices, as well as in the Cincinnati Stations and Branches. He lives with his wife and two children in Hidden Valley, Indiana.

Bill Burke - Secretary

Rene Viel - Treasurer / OWCP Rep.


Greg Mann - Director Clerk Craft / Posting Schemes Rep.

Don Hoffrogge - Director Maintenance Craft

Ken Sevier - Director Motor Vehicles Craft

Art Saturday, II - Assistant Director Clerk Craft.

Mike Wolke - Assistant Director Clerk Craft / Health Plan Rep.

Mark Anthony Dill - Assistant Director Maintenance Craft

Isaac Howard - Trustee

Mary Mitchell - Trustee

Brandie Waddell - Trustee



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