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LMOU 2018-2021 (or download )

The LMOU for the P&DC, The Cincinnati Main Post Office and Station and Branches of the Main Post Office, carries forward from the 2018 contract to the 2021 contract. The LMOU's for Hamilton, Middletown, Newport, and Florence have been renegotiated for the 2015 contract. All others carry forward from the 2010 contract to the 2015 contract.

We expect to have the LMOUs for Hamilton, Middletown, Newport, and Florence available sometime in the near furture for download.

Collective Bargaining Agreement 2015-2018

ELM - Employee & Labor Relations Manual

Weingarten Rights

Online 3971


Archived Articles


Mike Funk - Postal Worker of the Year 2012


Form Downloads and Training(PDFs unless noted)


Appeal to Arbitration

Appeal to Join LM Safety Cmte

Authorize Documentation

Carriers Bargaining Unit Work

Documentation Inventory(Doc)

Documentation Inventory

Expense Voucher


Grievance Report and Worksheet(Doc)

Grievance Report and Worksheet

Grievance Writing

Informal Pay Request(Doc)

Informal Pay Request




Management Position Step 1(Doc)


Request for Step 1(Doc)

Request for Information

Step 1 Grievance Appeal

Step 2 Grievance Appeal

Step 3 Grievance Appeal

Steward Summary(Doc)

Steward Summary

Steward Training for Just Cause

Supervisor Bargaining Unit Work


WH-380-Family Member

WH-384-Military Self

WH-385-Military Family



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