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No December Meeting

January 29 2022 Saturday at 7pm(Retirees at 6pm)

February 27, 2022 Sunday at 1pm

March 26, 2022 Saturday at 7pm(Retirees at 6pm)


From President Jim Sizemore


Keeping You Up-to-Date


Hello Sisters & Brothers,


 I Hope all is well with you and your family. Many of you may have noticed some fresh faces on the work room floor if you get a chance take a second and introduce yourself, say Hi and help them out if you can, remember we all were new employees at some point in our career. 


Lately there seems to be an increase in discipline issued for employee’s being accused of having altercations with each other. It is bad enough that we must put up with the inept management that we have, but as sisters and brothers we should have each other’s back, and in a sign of solidarity stand united against those who attempt to divide us.


As we head into the Holiday season and the busiest part of the postal year stay safe and let us watch out for each other, an injury to one is an injury to all. 


On a personal note. I want to thank everyone for their words of comfort and support that I received with my father’s passing. They meant a lot to me.

Covid-19 update

All the Covid related MOU’s that were signed over a year ago at the National level by the APWU and USPS have been extended until 31 December 2021. EFEL though has expired! With the extension of the liberal leave policy, it is necessary that if you need to miss work due to Covid-19 related instances that you get documentation from a medical facility/personnel. It is extremely hard for the Union to defend any discipline issued if there is no proof that the absence was related to Covid-19.


PSE News


Welcome to all the new PSE’s! There have been a lot of new hires in the past couple of months so many that we have been having orientation every week. Please remember that per our Collective Bargaining Agreement section 12.1.  States  ALL new hires have a probationary period of 90 days.

Contract News


The APWU and USPS have agreed to “Stop the Clock” and continue to bargain for a new contract. What does this mean for us? That our current contract did not expire on 20 September 2021, and that the two parties are continuing negotiations in hopes of agreeing on a new contract. The last report that I have received is that there has been modest progress on a number of issues affecting all our crafts, including on job security. There has also been a narrowing of the differences on important items including the economic package. Show your support and wear Union gear on Thursdays!


Safety and Health


If you see a health or safety issue, file a form 1767. Some examples of unsafe or unhealthy work issues are trip hazards, dirty restrooms, break areas or work areas, broken or exposed electrical outlets and chords, postal equipment stacked too high etc. 



Subcontracting! There seems to be an increase in the amount of our maintenance work that is being subcontracted. This is especially true in the BEM occupational group. If you see a contractor performing your work, ask for a steward. The Union needs to know when this is happening so that we can protect your job and hours. The contract states in Art.32.1 C. When a decision has been made at the Field Level to subcontract bargaining unit work, the Union at the Local Level will be given notification. Management very rarely notifies the Union when they decide to subcontract, that is why we need you the employee to inform us. The fact that management refuses to buy the parts/tools necessary to make the repair, is not a reason to allow them to subcontract. When the Union is informed in a timely manner, we have been successful in the grievance procedure.


Line H


It is that time of year where we are again in talks with management about custodial Line H hours. Local Management has yet to follow the Arbitration settlement from several years ago and has required the Union to file a grievance when we notify them that they are short. I am certain that they will do the same this year. If you are a custodian at a Station or Branch you need to be sure and clock over anytime that you are not performing custodian duties.


Union Meetings


Our Union meeting schedule is as follows: 21 November 2021 at 1:00 p.m., 29 January 2022 @ 7:00 p.m., There is NO meeting in December per our constitution and by-laws. There are always door prizes and refreshments for those in attendance. Come out and be a part of the decision making of your Union. 

Please remember to update your address and contact information as needed with the union office. This is especially important in case we need to contact you on a grievance settlement or on any other critical issue that may come up.





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Postal Workers, Allies Oppose Slower Service Standards


When postal management unveiled their 10-year Delivering for America plan, APWU vowed to oppose elements of the plan that would affect postal workers, slow down the mail or degrade the service postal workers proudly provide the public. In the past weeks, together with our allies in A Grand Alliance and beyond, postal workers have showed up in a big way in the fight to stop management from slowing down the mail.


As part of their 10-year plan, postal management proposed changes that could slow down mail service for millions of people across the country. Their proposals to extend service standards would lengthen the delivery target for first class mail and periodicals from the current one to three-day standard to as long as a five-day delivery target.


The APWU organized the public opposition to these proposals, and together with our allies, mobilized more than 130,000 submissions to the Postal Service’s public comment process on the proposals. The union has also fully participated in the Postal Regulatory Commission’s proceedings reviewing the Postal Service’s proposed service standard changes.


“Postal workers are proud to serve our communities every single day,” said President Mark Dimondstein. “These negative service changes could affect every community we serve and we’re proud to unite with the people in defense of the prompt and reliable service they deserve.” 


The public comments were a key element of the union’s case at the PRC and were also cited in an important brief submitted on behalf of 21 state attorneys general. In addition to the state AGs, a number of allies submitted comments and briefs into the PRC case, including Public Citizen, the NAACP and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.


The proceedings at the Postal Regulatory Commission for the proposed service standard changes to first class and periodical mail have concluded. The PRC is expected to issue its advisory opinion on the changes in the coming weeks.


Please try to support American Workers by buying American products!




Member Benefits Update

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Family and Medical Leave Act

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